Digital Event Platform

  • Sophisticated and secure platform: Delivered on a digital event platform hosted and managed by Climate Action

  • Powered by AI connection: AI-based matchmaking, group chat forums, user generated roundtables and invite-only sessions facilitate connections and create new opportunities 

  • Engaging Content: Presenting a variety of digital formats and additional interactive networking features to keep audience engaged across 4-months from September to December 2020
Digital Event Platform - Climate Action


  • Virtual Conference Stage 
  • Virtual Expo
  • Over 28 days of on-demand content post event
  • Data reports/analytics for industry and strategic partners
  • 3-Part digital event series agenda
  • Speaker and attendee engagement features
  • Downloadable documents: Access the latest industry whitepapers and reports
  • Personalisation: Make this your event with private functions
  • Info & support desk to guide you and maximise the benefits of your attendance
  • Live chat via video calls and instant messaging
  • Private message attendees, speakers, exhibitors and partners
  • Request a meeting at an exhibition stand with industry leading partners 
  • Private meeting functions with a selected group (restricted access)
  • Themed group chat forums
  • Access event specific content and reports
  • Live Q&As
  • Polls and survey
  • Attendee lists and profile information
  • Instant messaging
  • Agenda and personal schedule
  • Appointment booker