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As we navigate these uncertain times and government, businesses and industries consider life after lockdown, the decisions we make today will decide the future we rebuild.

Building on the success of the inaugural Climate Innovation Forum – the largest multi stakeholder event during London Climate Action Week 2019 – the 2nd instalment returns on the 1 July 2020 as a Virtual Forum, connecting local, regional and national climate ambition with private sector innovation, technology and finance for a green recovery.

This year’s Climate Innovation Virtual Forum will explore how economic recovery packages can boost our economy in the short term whilst scaling low carbon industries and creating clean jobs to keep us on track for net-zero emission by 2050.

The Virtual platform will deliver more than 3.5 hours of exclusive content from key decision makers directly involved in the recovery agenda and, through AI-based networking, will connect attendees from across the country to forge new relationships, contribute to the recovery debate and share ideas on pathways to build a better future.

If the UK is to meet its emissions target by 2050, we must fuse public sector ambition with private sector innovation, investment and technology. The Climate Innovation Virtual Forum aims to facilitate connections, build partnerships and forge new relationships to accelerate the UK’s low carbon future.

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In response to COVID-19 and the unpredictability of holding physical events: Climate Action, presents the 2nd edition of the Climate Innovation Forum as a virtual event in 2020.

In collaboration with
London Climate Action Week

Climate Innovation Forum was the largest multistakeholder event during the inaugural London Climate Action Week in 2019 convening over 500 delegates in person from across the public and private sectors in just 1-day. This year, the Forum will launch a virtual event platform convening over 3000 online global attendees as an official affiliated event of London Climate Action Week.

As part of
Digital Roadmap to COP26

The Climate Innovation Virtual Forum 2020 forms part of Climate Action’s Roadmap to COP26 Digital Event Series. The Forum agenda will ask the question: How can the UK us the net-zero emission target as a pathway for economic recovery post pandemic?



200+ Minutes Live Online Thought Leadership Sessions


1.5+ Hours of Networking, Business Development & Lead Generation


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Decision makers across public, private and finance sectors transitioning to a zero carbon, circular economy
Influential Speakers

Influential Speakers

Inspirational leaders championing climate action and offering innovative, scalable solutions to deliver the Paris Agreement
Partners & Exhibitors

Partners & Exhibitors

Showcasing products, services and systems to tackle climate change and accelerate the zero carbon transition