Event Overview

Overcoming a global health emergency and preventing the global climate emergency will require an unprecedented level of cross-sector, cross-industry and cross-border collaboration.

Over the last 10 years, Climate Action has been uniting the public, private and NGO sectors alongside the UN climate change summits by convening the largest multi-stakeholder forum at COP: The Sustainable Innovation Forum.

Each year, the Forum plays a key role in facilitating the connections that forge the cross sectors partnerships required to address the global climate emergency and accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy.

In response to the global pandemic and in an effort to fill the void left by the delayed COP26, the 11th Sustainable Innovation Forum will be fully virtualised and broadcast live from a London-based studio creating a platform for the public and private sector to showcase continued climate action.

The 5-day programme will be broadcast live from a professional studio in London and housed within Climate Actions new Virtual Event Platform (VEP), creating an optimal environment for meaningful global engagement in the midst of the pandemic.

Whilst physical meetings are limited, the Forum will act as a platform for organisations to amplify their digital voice, engage and showcase their continued commitment for climate action, and maintain momentum towards COP26.

5 Days:

each day explores a different climate challenge

2+ Hours:

of live, integrated digital content

Broadcast Live:

from a London-based studio

Virtual Platform:

will connect and matchmake a global audience


Established in 2007, our digital and live events platforms build tangible partnerships between business, government, UN agencies and the NGO community to accelerate the global transition to net zero.

Climate Action work in formal partnerships with a number of UN Agencies including: UNEP Finance Initiative, The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and The World Bank Group to create high impact physical and digital events that deliver value for all stakeholders.

Official Supporting Platform of

Climate Action and the Sustainable Innovation Forum are excited to be supporting the Race to Zero campaign. Climate Action brings 10 years of expertise convening the core stakeholder groups required to build momentum around the shift to a decarbonized economy ahead of COP26.

“Climate Action’s digital Roadmap to COP26 has created a platform to help organizations from across the stakeholder spectrum to honour their pledges at a time when face-to-face meetings are not an option. It is crucial for the private sector to stay engaged in this work and these digital platforms are a key means of doing so.”

Nigel Topping, UK High-Level Champion for Climate Action COP26

As Part of

Given the delay to UNFCC’s COP negotiations to 2021 and in response to the global health crisis, it’s never been more important for organisations to utilise strong and effective digital platforms.

The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020 forms part of our wider Roadmap to COP26 initiative launched in April to help organisations maintain momentum on climate action and build pressure towards COP26 – more than 20,000 have been engaged to date.