Youth Agenda

What are young people demanding of business and government on climate change & how can business support climate education in schools?

The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020 presents The Youth Agenda in collaboration with Global Action Plan and Earth Day on Wednesday 18 November taking place live online from 10:00am – 12:35pm CET. The Youth Agenda supports the Race To Zero Campaign.

  • Youth activism on climate change
  • Climate education for young people
  • Youth voice challenging business and government on climate change

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Following the Youth Climate Summit taking place the week prior (9-13 Nov), the Youth Climate Summit is a week of climate action and discovery for schools bringing together young people from across the UK who are committed to taking climate action. The culmination of this week-long event is the creation of a list of asks / challenges / demands which sets out a clear message about the expectation that young people have of businesses and the world leaders that represent them. The Youth Climate Summit is coordinated by environmental charity Global Action Plan and a team of dedicated teachers.

The Youth Agenda at Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020 will be an opportunity for the youth ambassadors taking on the outcomes from Youth Climate Summit to present their challenges to business and government representatives and ask the following questions:

  • How is business and government responding to climate change
  • What more can they do, and how will they respond to the challenges of the youth?
  • How can business create a meaningful dialogue with young people?
  • How can businesses support climate education in schools?

The Youth Agenda is Presented in Two Part

Part 1
This session will start with a summary of the Youth Climate Summit and an interview with the impressive youth ambassadors before they present their call to action to a panel of business and government representatives who will have the opportunity to communicate what they are doing to address their environmental impact and be challenged to go further.
Part 2

The second session will explore the need for greater climate education on a global scale and the challenges being faced as part of this. The panel will respond to these challenges and share what they are doing to support young people and climate education and discuss ways that business and government can do more.

Featured Speakers

Sonja Graham

Sonja Graham

Joint CEO

Global Action Plan

Kathleen Rogers

Kathleen Rogers


Earth Day Network

Tim Brooks

Tim Brooks

VP Environmental Sustainability


Clover Hogan

Clover Hogan

Youth Activist

Haldis Holst

Haldis Holst

Deputy Secretary General

Education International

Tati Lindberg

Tati Lindenberg

Vice President, Marketing


Dorothée D'Herde

Dorothée D’Herde

Head of Sustainable Business


Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

Executive Director


Frederico Cinquepalmi

Federico Cinquepalmi

Director of Education and International Relations

Italian Ministry of Education


10:00 CET

Chair Opening Remarks
Nik Gowing, Forum Chair

10:05 CET

Climate Leaders Live
The Youth Climate Calls brought by the Youth Climate Summit Ambassadors

10:20 CET

Virtual Panel Discussion
How can businesses engage with and support the youth climate movement?


  • Sonja Graham, Joint CEO, Global Action Plan
  • Dorothée D’Herde, Head of Sustainable Business, Vodafone
  • Tim Brooks, VP Environmental Sustainability, Lego
  • Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director, Greenpeace


  • Clover Hogan l Youth Activist

11:00 CET

Interlude | Break

11:30 CET

Climate Leaders Live

11:50 CET

Virtual Panel Discussion Formalising the Climate Curriculum: the role of climate education to enhancing global ambition Panellists
  • Haldis Holst, Deputy Secretary General, Education International
  • Federico Cinquepalmi, Director of Education and International Relations, Italian Ministry of Education
  • Kathleen Rogers, President Earth Day.org
  • Tati Lindenberg, Vice President, Marketing, Unilever
  • Nick Nuttall, Strategic Communications Director EarthDay.org and former Director of Communications UNFCCC

12:30 CET

Chair Closing Remarks
Nik Gowing, Forum Chair