Key Themes

Active vs passive management in sustainable investment

How to achieve a passive investment with active ownership.

Overcoming the data challenge

Will analytics and technology be future enablers of ESG? Are systematic strategies a force for good in responsible investment?

Financing resilience in Europe - the growth of insurance linked securities

Are insurance linked securities an ESG compatible investment?

ESG sustainable bonds

How to integrate ESG into corporate bond portfolios.

Update on TCFD reporting

What are challenges when reporting across different asset classes?

How can a pension fund decarbonise its investment portfolio?

Net zero targets, the impact of green taxonomy and sustainability risks in Europe and beyond.

Sustainable investment in institutional capital and pensions

Why are some organisations failing to fully engage?

ESG integration across asset classes

Dealing with the rising costs of ESG products

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Influential Speakers

Hear from the world's leading sustainable finance experts driving the move to a low-carbon economy

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