About Agri - Food Transition Summit

Agriculture is facing multiple challenges – meeting global food security; a growing population with changing diets; a levelling off of crop yields; dwindling natural resources and biodiversity – all whilst managing the increasing threats of climate change. Meeting all these challenges will require a significant increase in the access and availability of capital for climate-smart investment across agri-value chain.  Accessible and robust public and private sector investment and collaboration is critical to support our global food systems in their transition to a low-carbon, equitable and resilient future.

With the technical collaboration of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) , Climate Action presents the Agri – Food Transition Summit during COP26, taking place as a hybrid eventlive from the Innovation Zone during COP26 in Glasgow.

The Summit has been designed in response to the growing demand for new models of multi-stakeholder collaboration to achieve food security, sustainable development and other global goals outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals while achieving the Paris Agreement objectives.

The Agri – Food Transition Summit unites 3,000 key stakeholders both in-person and online from: 

Private Sector, UN Agencies, NGOs, Investors, Donors, National and Local Government officials and agriculture associations across the agri-food value chain, to accelerate the policy, innovation and investment required to solve the great food challenge.

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