Past Conference Highlights

Accountability in a Sustainable World 2022

We recognize the immediate need for dialogue among academics and practitioners about sustainability, accountability, data and measurement, related assurance, high quality information to inform responsible investment decisions, and accountability in setting of personal, corporate, and public sector goals. 
The purpose of Accountability in a Sustainable World 2022 was to meet this need by focusing on those 4 key pillars to a sustainable future: investment, assurance, regulation, and target setting while building and strengthening the links between academia and practice, encouraging younger academics by providing an opportunity to present their work to both other academics and practitioners, while providing opportunities for practitioners to communicate with academics and influence their work.

Bridging the Gap - Andrew Karolyi

“The appetite for research on these big societal problems like climate change is truly global in scope”

A Key Message from Practice - Wilhelm Mohn

“To take into account sustainability information in our ownership and investment decisions, we simply need reliable data. Better and globally accepted standards are a key to more reliable data.”

Regulation in a Sustainable World

This highly informative, thought-provoking conversation about the March 21, 2022 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposal to Enhance and Standardize Climate Related Disclosures for Investors, was created and moderated by Colleen Honigsberg. The conversation took place at the 2022 CARE conference on Accountability in a Sustainable World.

“It is very clear in any boardroom in America right now that this is a subject investors are focused on”

Fireside Chat with Jennifer Motles

“Sustainability is not this fluffy thing that is about feeling good, but is really connected to our business strategy”

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