Why Energy Transition?

Net-zero by 2050 is within our grasp, but it will require a concerted effort to get there. Pressure is growing for governments and policy makers to decarbonize their economies, which will provide a green light for investments in clean energy projects, storage, and transportation infrastructure.
The Role of fossil fuels in the energy transition:

Europe’s energy mix is changing, with 38% of generation coming from clean energy versus 34% from fossil fuels in 2019.

Achieving net-zero in our energy systems:

Meeting the climate challenge would require cumulative investments of €100 trillion in the energy sector through 2050.

Market trends and investment opportunities:

Action is already taking place across Europe. 24 Countries have invested €4,779 million in flexible energy system research as part of the European Commission’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan, and by 2050 there is potential for EU citizens to own 129 million EVs, 70 million electric boilers and 80 million stationary battery technologies.

Investing in innovation and energy tech:

€260 billion in investment is needed per year to finance the switch to clean energy and reduced emissions.

Transformation of energy systems:

More flexible energy system could save the UK alone £17-40 billion across the electricity system by 2050 and plug European economies into global market opportunities worth over £4 trillion.

Hydrogen vs Electricity:

Germany is set to invest up to €100 million into hydrogen technologies, although many countries have already committed to the electrification of mobility and other systems.

A transition towards smart grids, driven by emerging technology:

In total, Western Europe will invest €122 billion in smart grid infrastructure through 2027, according to a new study by Northeast Group LLC.

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