Build Back Better Pledge

Due to such an overwhelming response, we have decided to extend the build back better pledge campaign. We will be sharing monthly build back better updates for the remainder of 2020. For all those who submitted their pledges last week you will be included in the first round of published pledges that will go live on our website next week as part of April’s Pledge.

Climate Action is calling for all businesses, governments, NGOs, and civil society groups to make a pledge to “BUILD BACK BETTER” as we start to contemplate life in a post-pandemic world.

All new pledges will be published once a month: creating an inspiring collection of positive climate actions that demonstrate true commitments to how we rebuild a more equal, green and more resilient world and collaborate to Build Back Better.



Representing environment ministers, city leaders, UN agencies, private sector innovators and adopters


Discussing the circular economy, energy transition, sustainable mobility and climate finance


Attendees represent nations all across the globe
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