Sustainable Innovation Hub 2019

Connecting your startup with the Global Climate Change Leadership

Last year for the first time, the Sustainable Innovation Forum launched a dedicated Startup program. The Sustainable Innovation Hub hosted leading innovate startups and early stage companies, showcasing their pioneering technologies across the forum’s four key streams; circular economy, sustainable mobility, climate finance and energy transition. This year the Innovation Hub will be staged again, expanding to include innovations for the new 5th key stream Natural Capital.

The Hub provides a unique and affordable opportunity for innovative companies to network with potential clients, partners and investors, as well as exhibit and present with the global climate change leadership.


“SIF18 gave us the amazing opportunity to pitch our Bubble Barrier, to reduce plastic pollution in rivers, in front of a big audience of policy makers and other ambitious companies. Climate Action created the platform to discuss the latest innovations to make the world a better place. Thank you for your support, hopefully we will see you all next year again.”

Anne Marieke Eveleens, Co-founder, The Great Bubble Barrier



Representing environment ministers, city leaders, UN agencies, private sector innovators and adopters


Discussing the circular economy, energy transition, sustainable mobility and climate finance


Attendees represent nations all across the globe with a big focus on Latin and North America
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