Sustainable Investment & Integrated Decision-making – Exploring the critical role of value factors

Date: 02 May 2024
Time: 11:35 – 12:35

Value factors are an essential element for organisations to understand the value that they create, preserve, or erode across four capitals: natural, social, human and produced capital. They describe the implications of an organization’s activities for people and planet.

They are essential in providing the necessary context to inform decision-making. However, it is critical that value factors are accessible and credible, and the methodologies used to create and apply them are clear and transparent, especially in light of disclosure regulations and transition plans that require an understanding of how value is being created or eroded by a company.

To advance work in this area, the Capitals Coalition has established the Value Commission, an independent body made up of over 30 experts from around the world to drive transparency and accountability across the application and use of value factors by organizations. As one of the outcomes of this, the Coalition will soon launch an online space for making national average value factors accessible.

Join the Capitals Coalition and leading value factors provider GIST Impact for this roundtable which will discuss the following key questions:

  • Do you see environmental and social impacts segregating away from governance drivers in the new world of ESG?
  • How are corporates and investors using value factors to calculate corporate and portfolio impacts?
  • Is data democratisation on the cards for value factors?
  • Would it increase corporate and investor confidence in the use of impact metrics if the relative value factors were standardised and public?

Roundtable Hosts

Pavan Sukhdev, CEO, GIST Impact
Martin Lok, Executive Director, Capitals Coalition

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