2022 Speakers

We look forward to announcing the expert speakers coming to the 2023 Sustainable Investment Forum Europe. Take a look at 2022’s speakers.

Jakob Thomä
Executive Director
2° Investing Initiative
James Lockhart Smith
Head of Markets & ESG
Verisk Maplecroft
James McMahon
CEO & Co-founder
TCS, an S&P Global Company
James Vaccaro
Executive Director
Climate Safe Lending Network
Jamie Broderick
Deputy Chair of the Board
Impact Investing Institute
Jane Stevensen
Founding Director
JS Global Advisory
Jean Pesme
Global Director, Finance
World Bank
Jesica Andrews
Investment Lead
Jessica Smith
Nature Lead
Joël Prohin
Head of Investment Management
Caisse des Dépôts
Jorge Fernandes
Head of Innovative Finance
World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator
Judson Berkey
Managing Director and Group Head of Sustainability Regulatory Strategy

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