2022 Speakers

We look forward to announcing the expert speakers coming to the 2023 Sustainable Investment Forum Europe. Take a look at 2022’s speakers.

Mark Barton
Forum Chair
Mark Napier
FSD Africa
Martin Spolc
Head of Sustainable Finance Unit
European Commission
Matti Leppälä
Secretary General & CEO
Morten Nilsson
BT Pension Scheme Management
Nigel Jollands
Associate Director
Nili Gilbert, CFA, CAIA
Vice Chairwoman | Advisory Panel Chair
Carbon Direct | Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero
Olivier Guersent
Director General
European Commission
Olivier Rousseau
Executive Director
Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites
Ophélie Mortier
Responsible Investment Strategist
Paul Dickinson
Founder Chair | Sustainability Advisor to the Board
CDP | Persefoni
Pietro Bertazzi
Global Director for Policy Engagement & External Affairs
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