Key Topics

ESG integration

In the beginning of 2018, $11.6 trillion of all professionally managed assets—one $1 of every $4 invested in the United States—were under ESG investment strategies. But to mobilise the remaining capital needed to meet the SDGs will be the next big challenge.

Themed investing

Themed investing allows investors to address ESG issues by investing in specific solutions to them. Whilst growing 268% since 2016, encouraging more investors to consider ESG and Impact Investments will be the key to increase capital mobilisation towards responsible investments.


Over 40% of investors across North America have now integrated some form of ESG into their investment strategy. But to integrate ESG more effectively, investors are calling for more disclosure and more data. How you catalyse this and how you utilise this data is now key.

Institutions are integrating ESG into their strategies more effectively, but what are the best strategies?

Responsible banking

Banks need to play a larger role in promoting the sustainability agenda. As society behaviours and expectations shift, how can Banks more closely align their strategic approach and decision making to be more sustainable and inclusive?

Climate-aligned investing

Climate-aligned investing is on the rise with over $1.3tr of investments in the USA alone related to ‘green bonds’. But how institutions stress-test their portfolios and mobilize more capital is the next challenge.

Asset class overview

To realise a more sustainable future we need all aspects of our economy to be involved. This means understanding where all asset classes are on their journey in order to realise the potential gains and improvements needed.

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