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Systems solutions for climate resilience

The Cities Transition Summit is a high-level, 2 day event taking place on 22 & 24 September, bringing together key stakeholders who are driving sustainable and net-zero transition through policy, regulation, innovation and investment.

With COP26 beckoning a decade of action, the Cities Transition Summit will explore how leaders can move from systems thinking to systems action. Cities are the testbeds and trailblazers of innovation. We need smart, targeted climate plans that hit leverage points and build community resilience.

Systemic solutions that simultaneously deliver co-benefits for climate, public health, society, and the economy strengthen city resilience and offer leverage points for city governors. Transport policies that increase active travel, reduce pollution, minimise carbon and bring social cohesion are some such solutions. As are housing policies that target fuel poverty, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions from the housing sector and create local, green jobs.

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