Discover more about the Energy Transition Summit

The Energy Transition Summit is a two day event taking place on 25 & 27 May, as part of Climate Action’s Transition Month, along with the Industry Transition Summit, and Transport Transition Summit.

The energy transition is already well underway driven by scalable and cost-effective solutions and supported by proactive public policies and huge investment opportunities.

The Energy Transition Summit aims to bring together key players in the energy sector to further drive this net-zero transition through policy and regulation, to innovation, technology and investment.

As the backbone of the future green economy, the energy sector and our global energy systems must prepare for the next phase of the transition allowing the electrification and decarbonisation of entire industries, sectors, and regions to support the global green economy.

From scaling renewable and clean energy sources, managing the transition away from fossil fuels and integrating smart, digital and decentralised grid systems globally.

Event Series

The Transition Summits are a collection of high-level, 2-day virtual gatherings with each focussing on a specific sector transition: Hydrogen, Industry, Transport, Energy and Cities.

The Summits bring together key stakeholders driving sustainable and net-zero transition from policy and regulation to innovation, technology and investment. This is the ideal platform for investors, project developers, policy makers and innovators to share insights and expertise on key transition trends and opportunities.

These are highly sophisticated, 4-session events hosted on a professional virtual platform designed for our audience to network, connect and explore new opportunities within these specific sector transitions.

As Part of

The Roadmap to COP26 organised by Climate Action is a series of impactful, action-oriented, and professionally produced digital events helping organisations build momentum to Glasgow, COP26.

As 2021 continues, so does our journey to COP26 with a focus on high-level discussion, debate, roundtables and digital event series hosted as part of Climate Action’s Roadmap to COP26.

This platform is designed to help organisations meet, connect and engage with the right stakeholders and targeted audience groups throughout 2021.