Mission & Purpose

The growing geopolitical and energy crisis has exacerbated the need for clean energy now more than ever. The Hydrogen Council’s May 2023 report announced that current clean Hydrogen production today is below 1Mt p.a., but to be in line with the net zero scenario, clean Hydrogen production must hit 50 Mt and a further 30 Mt of Blue hydrogen by 2030.

Hydrogen Transition Summit

The 4th annual Hydrogen Transition Summit will be held in Dubai during COP28 at the Climate Action Innovation Zone on 7 December 2023. Uniting 500 global stakeholders including policy makers, investors, technology providers, hydrogen project developers, business leaders, and researchers amongst other key industry leaders with a shared objective: to drive the global hydrogen agenda, expedite the transition towards clean energy, and address the urgent climate crisis by embracing a hydrogen-based economy.

This year, the Hydrogen Transition Summit will delve into four pivotal questions:

  1. How can we increase hydrogen production at speed and scale?
  2. How can we mobilise finance and de-risk investment to ensure clean hydrogen projects get to FID fast and reach this target?
  3. What policy frameworks can enable us to match global supply and demand?
  4. How can we successfully connect the global supply chain through cross-border collaboration?

A flagship event of the Climate Action Innovation Zone

The Hydrogen Transition Summit will be hosted at the free-to-attend Climate Action Innovation Zone, a hub for cross-sector collaboration at COP28.

With independent badging, the Innovation Zone will be an accessible, professionally-run centre of gravity, outside of the Blue & Green Zones.

Open between Monday 4th and Friday 8th December at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai, the Innovation Zone will include an exhibition of innovative climate solutions, diverse workshop and roundtable spaces, a business lounge, numerous meeting rooms, dinners and evening receptions.

Take part in the Hydrogen Transition Summit

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