Hydrogen Off-takers Roundtables

Roundtables at the Hydrogen Transition Summit are designed to provide an exclusive and intimate setting for 20 participants. These meetings allow participants to engage with fellow sustainability leaders by presenting and exchanging experiences, solutions, and innovative mechanisms that can be quickly and effectively implemented to turn ambition into actionable plans.

We’ll be releasing the full schedule of roundtables shortly. Register your interest in the Hydrogen Transition Summit to be notified when the Roundtables are announced. 

Become a Roundtable Partner

The Roundtable partner will act as the host and can invite up to 10 participants. In addition, up to 10 Forum qualified delegates can secure their spot on a first come, first serve basis and join the Roundtable. Our goal for these roundtables is to strengthen relationships and explore important topics with key stakeholders both within and outside the Forum’s network. These intimate conversations give participants the opportunity to delve deep and understand industry needs from various perspectives. The insights gained will contribute to achieving concrete outcomes that will accelerate progress towards a net-zero, nature-positive, and equitable global economy.

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