Watch Hydrogen Transition Summit 2023 On-Demand

All the panels, keynotes, and debates from the Hydrogen Transition Summit 2023 are now available to watch on-demand for free.Complete the form on this page to get instant access to all the content from this year which saw representatives from transport, agriculture, and finance join the United States Department of Energy to debate hydrogen’s place in the clean energy mix.

The focus was on discussions and lively interactive sessions which looked to address the challenges and actionable opportunities the renewable hydrogen faces in today’s climate. Make sure you take the opportunity to hear from 50 global thought leaders including; H.E. Sharif Salim Al-Olama, Undersecretary for Energy & Petroleum Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure UAE, Dr. Shanta Barley, Chief Climate Scientist, Fortescue Future Industries, Dr. Samir Serhan, Chief Operating Officer, Air Products and Daria Nochevnik, Special Hydrogen Advisor, COP28, Director of Policy and Partnerships, Hydrogen Council.

Catch-up on all of it, for free.

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