Watch Agri-Food Systems Summit On-Demand

All the panels, keynotes, and debates from the Agri-Food Systems Summit 2023 are now available to watch on-demand for free.Complete the form on this page to get instant access to all the content from this year as the Agri-Food Systems Summit brought together a breadth of key players and voices from Secretary Tom Vilsack of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to Innocent Owomuhangi, Fairtrade Ambassador and Tea Farmer from Uganda.

The Summit saw a range of interesting discussions that gave voice to often underrepresented groups such as smallholder farmers. The key messages focused on the need for more efficient, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems that are equitable and inclusive for all, especially smallholder farmers. There was a focus on proactive solutions that are innovative and incorporate science and data solutions that minimise external outputs as seen with Green Revolution technologies and a shift to a more holistic approach that protects biodiversity and planetary health, whilst the very important message of consumption, health and nutrition should be at the heart of food system discussions.

Catch-up on all of it, for free.

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