Accountability in a Sustainable World

Continuing upon the successes of the previous two conferences, the 2023 Accountability in a Sustainable World conference will delve deeper into regulation, sustainability reporting, capital allocation, and performance metrics. The ongoing conversation will answer the immediate need for dialogue among academics and non-academics about sustainability, data and measurement, related assurance, high-quality information to inform responsible investment decisions, and accountability in setting personal, corporate, and public sector goals.

This conference will focus on key concerns regarding assurance of a sustainable future: the changing sustainability reporting landscape, the politization of ESG, accounting for sustainability with a particular emphasis on carbon accounting, measurement and assurance, performance metrics, the new corporate focus on sustainability, the effects of carbon footprint information on consumer choice and thoughts from a younger generation. A main feature of the conference is to generate discourse between academics and non-academics, featuring high-profile, well-informed, often provocative speakers.

Who attends?

  • Accountability in a Sustainable World will bring together accountants, finance-professionals, law-professionals, law-makers, standard-setters, economists, investors and scientists as well as academics from the sciences, accounting, finance, law and economics.
  • The main goal will be to set a research agenda for many emerging scholars, which will address key issues related to accounting for sustainability and responsible investing.  We look forward to your participation in the discussion of the critical issues of accounting for sustainability and responsible investing.

Organised by

Established in 2004, the Center for Accounting Research and Education at the University of Notre Dame supports academics worldwide in the creation and dissemination of accounting and investment knowledge through education, timely and thoughtful research, and partnering with accounting practice to inform the accounting and investment professionals of tomorrow.

Our Focus: Encouraging and supporting young faculty by providing a venue to discuss and develop accounting research that affects the way both undergraduate and graduate students are trained and educated; affects the practice of accounting and the use of accounting information; and is relevant to accounting standard setters.

The Objective: To strengthen the bridges between accounting research, accounting education, and accounting practice.

The Vehicles: Annual Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation Conference, Annual Midwest Accounting Research Conference,
Annual Department of Accountancy Fall Research Conference, Department of Accountancy Research Seminar Series,
Financial Statement Fraud Seminar Series, and 
Development and Maintenance of Research Databases.

Our Mission: To support domestic and international faculty in the creation and dissemination of accounting knowledge.

In collaboration with

The 2023 CARE Conference, Accountability in a Sustainable World, will be held in collaboration with Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2023. The Forum is the largest finance forum during Climate Week NYC, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI). The Sustainable Investment Forum North America has run for 5 years in official partnership with UNEP-FI, with the mission to mobilise sustainable investment towards a 1.5°C world.

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