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Empowering Collaborations and Connections for Europe’s Sustainable Financial Future: Accelerating the Transition to an Equitable Economy

The Sustainable Investment Forum Europe offers a crucial platform for finance stakeholders to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the sustainable finance market in Europe. The Forum aims to support the acceleration of growth while prioritising the transition towards a resilient, equitable, and sustainable economy.

In a time of economic uncertainty, inflationary pressures, geopolitical tensions, and regional fragmentation, it is essential for the financial sector to unlock the necessary financing to achieve a net zero, nature positive, and equitable economy in and for Europe. With regulatory initiatives like the EU Action Plan requiring investors to disclose their management of climate change risks, the collection of necessary data and metrics becomes crucial. The impacts of physical risk exposure vary geographically and across portfolios, but their significance is undeniable. Recognising the role of European capital markets in the path to net zero, the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe serves as a catalyst for mobilising and allocating financing, complementing bank lending and public investments. With the rapid growth of green capital markets, the Forum aims to enhance underlying capital market structures and minimise the risks of national fragmentation and greenwashing.

Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2024

Organised by Climate Action in official partnership with UNEP-FI, the Forum will bring together 350 finance stakeholders to Paris for its 7th annual edition. Through discussions on portfolio alignment, risk mitigation, and impact investing, the Forum emphasizes the importance of investing for a just and equitable transition to accelerate Europe’s economic transformation.

The Forum aims to urge banks, insurers, and investors to prioritise the just transition as a core component of their net zero plans, ensuring fair trade practices are applied. Additionally, the Forum calls on regulators to mandate transparent reporting requirements for net zero, addressing global corporates’ just transition policies and performance.

By participating in the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe, finance stakeholders can actively contribute to the sustainable finance market in Europe, driving economic growth, resilience, and inclusivity while addressing climate change challenges

“It has been a pleasure to work with Climate Action over the last number of years. These Forums, we believe are one of the most important places for leading financial institutions to get together, share best practice and understand how markets are moving towards real sustainability integration."
Eric Usher
Head of UNEP FI

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