Forum Agenda

2023 Themes

Geopolitical/ Macroeconomic outlook: Will the war in Ukraine push back or accelerate action on energy & climate change in Europe and globally?

Why net zero matters: The role of European asset owners in the transition to carbon neutral economy

Are carbon offsets the new ESG investing frontier? Adopting best practice for transaction infrastructure, and strong safety nets to build environmental and social impact

Delivering on COP 27 Commitments: Creating a global policy road-map and the importance of mobilising capital to support a just and equitable transition in emerging markets and developing countries

Sustainable finance regulation: Can SFRD eradicate greenwashing and are some of the overlapping inconsistencies posing labelling problems for funds in the region?
Examining investment implications, both risks and opportunities caused by the physical impacts of climate change across borders and portfolios
Biodiversity and the bottom line: Why investors should care and how can Europe lead in safeguarding biodiversity?
Testing the efficacy of ESG as a metric: Can ESG metrics can help identify new risk factors?

The EU Just Transition Mechanism: Is Europe on track to mobilise the required capital for the Just Transition Mechanism?

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