Forum Agenda | What to expect in 2022

4-Part event series presented from London across two weeks, connecting and engaging financial leaders in an in-person and digital format.

2022 Themes

  • SFDR regulation update: How are asset managers in the region adjusting practices to meet new regulation in Europe?
  • Advancing TCFD guidance on physical climate risks and opportunities
  • Importance of shareholder engagement; Engagement versus divestment; How can shareholders engage with companies to improved ESG ratings; Is divestment necessary to enact real change?
  • Pension funds & ESG: A holistic approach to ESG and responsible investing; How can including macro level data in risk management increase the return for asset owners?
  • Has ESG moved from a cost centre to a value driver?
  • Scaling up – mobilising public to private capital: addressing the financing gaps and bringing down barriers to entry
  • Natural capital: Should we be thinking beyond carbon in sustainable investment?
  • Greening the listed derivatives market: Sustainable stock exchanges
  • Update on the Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance members target to cut portfolio emissions by 24-30% by 2025

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