From ambition to tangible action

Making this the decade for delivery

For 13 years, Climate Action has been uniting heads of state, multilaterals, environment ministers, business leaders, investors, and NGOs alongside the UN Climate Change negotiations, convening the largest multi-stakeholder forum: The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF).

We know the role of non-state actors in the transition to net-zero is critical. That’s why SIF has been designed to allow stakeholders to have a tangible impact at COP both in-person and online by forging cross-sector partnerships, spotlighting effective business action, and showcasing the innovative solutions that will enable us to achieve the SDGs and reach net-zero.

The goal of 1.5 degrees is still alive, but a vital gap in achieving carbon emission ambitions remains. Despite some good progress at COP26, it’s clear that commitments from national governments have fallen short of locking in action to halve global emissions this decade. This means that the role of ‘real economy’ actors – including businesses, cities, regions and investors – is clearer than ever: to lead immediate climate action at the scale and pace that’s required.

Innovation and public-private cooperation are key. We need solutions that can scale impact to make our low carbon future a reality, quickly. And we can’t work in silos; we need to bring together the tools of government with business and financial ingenuity. It’s imperative we connect the innovators with the financiers, the technology with demand; we need to drumbeat successes, showcase solutions and appraise what programmes are delivering real change on the ground. Join the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP27 to help catalyse tangible, impactful action.

Whether you’re at COP27 in Egypt, or keeping up digitally at home, the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2022 will be a hybrid event available for everyone to attend!

Get involved at the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2022

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