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Making this the decade of delivery

With 1.5 degrees in serious jeopardy and a global shortage of water, energy and food, the need for bold leadership and urgent transformative systems change is critical. Against this backdrop, COP27 in Egypt brought all aspects of climate action into the spotlight, in particular the need for finance and adaptation to assist those most vulnerable to a changing climate.

Whilst COP26 in Glasgow may have kickstarted the global stocktake, defined the Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda, and delivered the Global Methane Pledge, global net zero is still at risk and the credibility of corporate climate action claims are in question. We need decisive climate action, through cross sector collaboration and effective implementation by governments at a national and sub national level.

The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2022 ran alongside COP27 in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, convening heads of state, ministers, CEO’s, investors, UN and multilateral dignitaries, in the largest multi stakeholder event. With a focus on adaptation, mitigation and implementation, the Sustainable Innovation Forum: 

  • provided a collaborative platform for governments, business, investors, cities, regions and civil society
  • pushed for stronger, more decisive national action plans with clear and consistent strategies and roadmaps
  • forged cross-sector partnerships to shift action out of silos and leverage ambitious, collaborative global effort
  • spotlighted effective business action and innovative climate solutions that will enable us to deliver on the SDGs

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