Why Sponsor

Delivering on our clients' needs and exceeding expectations

Lead the conversation

Engage with our community and position your key messaging and dialogue in front of an audience of prequalified, decision makers, trailblazers and key influencers.

Shape policy

Our event platforms attract the world’s most recognised climate leaders to share best-practice and build strategic long-term partnerships. Contribute to crucial discussions with national and regional policymakers driving the transition towards a net-zero economy.

Generate leads

The Forum is excited to champion the return to safe, secure, in-person events. Engage with our network of 120,000 global climate and sustainability professionals. Reach new customers and generate leads through our online Virtual Exhibition Booths.

Gain visibility

Grow brand awareness in the global climate and sustainability space with our brand activation opportunities.

Sales and Commercial Partnerships

Position your business at the intersection of climate change policy, innovation and sustainable finance. Our sales team can help support you and your business.

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