Mission & Purpose

Recognised for uniting asset owners with over USD $3 trillion in assets under management, the Sustainable Investment Forum North America in official partnership with UNEP FI, sets the stage for the finance community during Climate Week NYC for its 9th annual edition.

Amidst the financial sector’s ongoing adaptation to changing regulatory environments and forthcoming ESG reporting requirements, the Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2024 stands as a pivotal platform. It offers a distinct opportunity to bolster ESG disclosures, navigate regulatory shifts, and cultivate relationships with both local and global institutional investors, financial and climate leaders. Through insights into the path to COP29 and deliberations on financing the shift towards a low-carbon, inclusive economy, participants will acquire invaluable expertise and resources to drive sustainable investment strategies and contribute to a fair and sustainable global transition.

This year the Forum will convene 500 qualified institutional investors and financial leaders, to continue fostering dialogue, partnerships, and collaboration to advance sustainable investment practices in the region and for the globe. Be at the forefront of shaping and accelerating responsible investment and join us at this year’s Forum during Climate Week NYC.

Panel at the Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2023

500 Qualified delegates

Decision makers, investors, innovators and financial stakeholder leaders from across North America

50 World-class speakers

Institutional Investors, Government Officials, Business Leaders, UN Dignitaries, NGOs, amongst other leading financial stakeholders

20 Outcome-driven sessions

Thought leadership, keynotes, investment breakthrough dialogues, fireside chats, live polling, and networking

30 Partners & exhibitors

Decision makers, investors, innovators and financial stakeholder leaders from across North America

Past Speakers

Abhisheik Dhawan
Sustainable Finance and Partnerships Specialist
United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Amy Hepburn
Investor Leadership Network
Andrew Flynn
Director, Climate & ESG Solutions
Ortec Finance
Aparna Shrivastava
Deputy Chief Climate Officer
U.S. International Development Finance Corporation

Why Attend?

Drive the conversation and be part of the solution

Advising investors of best practice when aligning themselves with global climate and sustainability goals and identifying the challenges, opportunities and most compatible software solutions when responsibly investing.

What does it mean to be a responsible investor

This forum provides a platform to showcase the latest ESG data solutions, risk management software and investment strategies to improve transparency and avoid ‘greenwashing’.

A forum which encourages debate and fosters collaboration

every participant whether they be a speaker, sponsor or delegate has a part to play in shaping the discussion and driving meaningful change. The forum provides you with the opportunity to network with 500 investment experts from across the North American sustainable finance community.

Get involved at the Sustainable Investment Forum North America

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