Partnership Opportunities 2024

The Climate Innovation Forum provides a unique platform for businesses to engage with policy makers, investors, innovators and potential clients who are at the forefront of the low carbon transition and build valuable relationships that can drive your business forward.

Benefit from unrivalled thought-leadership speaking opportunities, branding and networking opportunities during London Climate Action Week by partnering with the Climate Innovation Forum 2024.

Thought Leadership
Showcase your leadership, solutions, technologies and climate action plan to an audience of 700 in-person delegates from policy, finance and climate innovation leaders
Brand Exposure
Connect with up to 130,000 global climate and sustainability professionals through our combined marketing channels
Work with the best
Climate Action are proud partners with both corporate and prominent not-for-profit organisations - from BMW Group to the UN Environment Programme and the World Economic Forum.
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“The sooner we begin to get our corporations
to come together the faster we’re going to stand the chance of meeting this challenge…“

John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, US Department of State

“Events like this are so helpful. Many people are unsure how to engage, so they really benefit from events like this where they can meet people like us, who are just getting on with it and have solutions that are deployable today.”

Toddington Harper, CEO, Gridserve

“I did seven panels during London Climate Action Week 2021, the two I did for Climate Action’s Climate Innovation Forum were definitely the most professional and impactful.”

Ingrid Holmes, Executive Director, Green Finance Institute

“Net zero isn’t about withdrawing from the economy, but it’s actually more about engaging with the economy We’re not going to shrink ourselves to net zero, we need to invest and grow ourselves to net zero.”

Mark Carney, The Prime Minister’s Finance Advisor for Climate COP26

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