11 November 2021

SESSION 1: Creating Real Transformation
09:00 GMT Chair’s Welcome Remarks
09:05 GMT Keynote by Headline Partner
09:15 GMT Climate Leaders Live
09:35 GMT

Panel Discussion

Transformational agri food systems: Reforming our Systems to Deliver on SDG 2

  • Food, agriculture, land and soil are essential to our health, the health of the planet and mitigating climate change
  • Agri food systems as part of the solution to climate change: How must they adapt to end hunger, achieve food security and sustainable agriculture?
  • Promoting solutions to deliver optimisation: How can we overcome the barriers to accelerate and mainstream adoption of new technologies and innovation?
10:25 GMT Climate Leaders Live
10:45 GMT Call for Action
SESSION 2: Prioritising Natural Solutions
11:30 GMT Chair’s Opening Remarks
11:35 GMT Call for Action
11:40 GMT Climate Leader Live
12:35 EDT

Panel Discussion

Investing in Nature: Financing the Transition to Natural Solutions

  • Where does the money need to come from to bridge the transition?
  • Mobilising investment to build scale: Understanding the commercial opportunities of carbon sequestration and natural solutions
  • Improving quantity, quality and access to finance equably to transform agriculture practice for all
  • Developing models to measure real impact and action on climate change and biodiversity
12:50 GMT Climate Leader Live
13:10 GMT Call for Action
SESSION 3: Building Resilience and Sustainability through Innovation
14:15 GMT Chair’s Opening Remarks
14:20 GMT Call for Action
14:25 GMT Climate Leader Live
14:45 GMT

Panel Discussion

Meeting the net zero goal: promoting technological innovation to adapt supply chains towards efficiency, resilience and sustainability

  • Envisaging the future through the eyes of Agripreneurs: what does the future of farming look like?
  • Building resilient food systems: evolving food supply chains to mitigate climate change
  • Examining the impact of technological innovation on land use and resource
15:35 GMT Climate Leader Live
15:55 GMT Call for Action
16:00 GMT Closing Keynote