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The Sustainable Innovation Forum, organised by Climate Action, has been a visible presence at the UN’s climate change negotiations uniting the public and private sector to accelerate climate action for a decade now. The Forum has a longstanding reputation for producing innovative, topical and high-level content, discussions and engagement between private and public sector leaders, truly galvanising the green economy.

Day one will open with high-level policy discussions and inspirational keynote speeches from leading ministers, cities, multilateral organisations, investors and private sector innovators and solution providers. Each session will focus on innovative technologies, practical solutions and funding models.

Day two will deliver further into high-level discussion, presenting innovations and new technologies that will help us solve the climate emergency— featuring climate-smart pitches presented by start-ups alongside climate leaders from ministries and cities across the globe — showcasing how they pioneering a zero-carbon economy.

The Forum will address five key drivers for climate action: Energy Transition, Sustainable Mobility, Climate Finance, Circular Economy and Natural Capital. 



Representing environment ministers, city leaders, UN agencies, private sector innovators and adopters


Discussing the circular economy, energy transition, sustainable mobility and climate finance


Attendees represent nations all across the globe
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