Island of Hope at COP28

The Island Stage

The Island Stage hosted an extensive daily conference dedicated to bringing together key global actors from small island states and climate-vulnerable regions with donors, investors and solution providers to accelerate climate adaption, resilience and ecosystem restoration.  

Curated by Island Innovation, it welcomed over 150 expert speakers sharing inspirational stories, transferable solutions, capacity building strategies and examples of best practice. We invited all stakeholders from governments, NGOs, academia, businesses, media and finance to join this free-to-attend conference. 

The Island of Hope

Small island states and vulnerable coastal regions are grappling with unprecedented challenges stemming from climate change and rising sea levels. To effectively address these challenges and to implement effective solutions for climate adaptation, mitigation and ecosystem restoration, it is crucial to accelerate cross sector and cross border collaboration. Only by pooling our resources and expertise can we drive change at scale and pace. 

The Island of Hope brought together key stakeholder groups from: 

  • Governments 
  • Investors 
  • United Nations 
  • International organisations 
  • Academia 
  • Businesses 
  • Media 
  • Civil society 

The Island of Hope's five key goals

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